Family Overland Tours

Why Dragoman is perfect for a family overland tour

Our Family Overland Tours are the perfect introduction to the incredible world of adventure travel, and the perfect mix of amazing activities, new experiences, exploration, relaxation, learning, and fun for the entire family! In Africa and South America, overlanding is the only way to travel.

Our family adventures are specially designed to appeal to families with children aged from 7-17. You will travel on one of our purpose-built trucks with 3-5 other families, using a mixture of camping and hotels. We provide all the equipment and 2 expertly-trained overland crew (plus a cook in Africa) to look after you and show you around some of the wonders that Africa and South America have to offer!


Fantastic experiences with your family

Our family overlanding trips include many fantastic activities and truly magical moments, such as paddling past elephants deep in the Okavango Delta, riding with the Gauchos in Argentina, exploring the incredible African wildlife of the Serengeti, crossing the stunning Andes mountains, seeing the mighty Victoria Falls in Africa or the Iguassu Falls in Brazil, or waking up in an idyllic hut on the white-sand beach paradise island of Zanzibar!

We have carefully crafted our family itineraries using our 30+ years of in-depth knowledge and experience, and our family trips are more popular than ever! Click on the links below to discover more about how to take the first step on embarking on an exciting overland expedition that your family will never forget!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dragoman's Family Overland Tours

Click here for answers to all your burning questions about overlanding with your family but if you need to know anything more specific just give us a call or drop us an email. These tours have been tried and tested on the founders' own children over the years so there's not much we wouldn't know the answer to!

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