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Overlanding - Dispelling the Myths

We frequently hear some of the following common concerns or reservations from people wondering if overlanding is right for them, so we have put together this guide to dispel some of the myths!

“I can’t take several months off work”

Our trips start from 9 days, and many fit into 2 weeks to suit most people’s holiday period. Two of our most popular journeys are the 12-day Cuzco to La Paz and the 14-day Zanzibar to Nairobi tours. Our longer journeys are combinations of individual trips, so you can either head off on one of our epic routes or just pick a short section that appeals the most to you.

“I need to be young”

We have an open age policy on all of our trips. Our journeys are designed for everyone (as long as they have the overlanding spirit!), from 7-year-olds on our family trips to mature travellers on our regular trips. This makes for a healthy mix of different generations sharing their experiences, which creates a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

“I have to camp all the time”

We use a wide variety of accommodation depending on the trip, from hotels, guesthouses and jungle lodges, to tents, houseboats and even yurts! We also offer upgrades on nearly all our trips and include many homestays where you can interact with the local communities.

“I have to spend every day on the truck”

Our trips are active journeys with lots of time to explore! Whether it’s trekking the Community Inca Trail in Peru, horse riding in Mongolia, taking a canoe safari in Zambia, or simply freely exploring the fascinating cities of China, our trips are designed to offer freedom, flexibility, and time to explore.

“I have to be really fit”

Certain trips are more physically active than others. Please contact us and we can discuss your proposed itinerary in detail and make sure you choose the right one to match your fitness level. Please also refer to the physical rating chart on each set of trip notes.

If I join an existing group, they will be really cliquey”

Absolutely not! An influx of newcomers always injects new energy, new ideas and new characters into a group. ‘Old timers’ are always keen to show them the ropes and welcome them to the trip and into the overlanding lifestyle!

“I’m worried it will be a whistle-stop tour”

Dragoman has been devising itineraries since 1981, and have unrivalled knowledge allowing us to create trips that are the perfect pace – not hanging around for too long, but also spending enough time in each place to do it justice and to see everything in a relaxed manner. It’s important to us that we invest the time to enjoy the journey, get off the beaten track, stay flexible and keep control of our own timetable. In Africa in particular we take longer than our competitors to allow a much more relaxed and enjoyable trip.

“Many companies just pay lip service to the term ‘Responsible Travel’”

Following our detailed Responsible Travel policy is important to us, both in the offices and on the road. We spend as much time as we can with local people, and our community projects form an integral part of many of our tours. Our flagship Community Trek near Cuzco in Peru has raised thousands of pounds for the area, allowing many local children to gain an education and the adults to gain employment.

“I’m addicted to my phone and laptop, there’s no way I can head off into the wilderness”

Generally you are never more than a day away from electricity to charge your gear. There are some exceptions and power supplies can certainly be erratic at times, but even in the ger camps of Mongolia or the basic hotels of West Africa you can charge devices now. You’ll also be surprised how much internet availability there is across the world!