Wilds of Alaska & Western Canada

Anchorage - Banff

24 days through USA, Canada
FROM: $3770 USD
US Style School Bus, Boat
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Basic Hotel 1 night
Camping 16 nights
Wild Camp 2 nights
Multishare Hostel 3 nights
Breakfasts x 18, Lunches x 18, Dinners x 18
$520 USD per person
Foreign Travel Advice

Our journey through Alaska is all about the great outdoors and adventure activities. Whether we are exploring Seward, Denali or Kenai national Parks, we allow time for hiking, boat trips, quad biking or horse riding through some of the continents most spectacular landscapes; glaciers, snow capped mountains and stunning lakes make this part of the journey very special.

Then there is Canada's Yukon & Klondyke area, famed for its gold rush and its hub Dawson City; the area is still active in gold mining and we will visit one of the great Gold mining rigs. Throughout this region we will be camping in stunning locations, on the banks of lakes, rivers or under mountains.

This trip is also about the wildlife and there will be opportunities for bear spotting and witnessing the amazing salmon runs of the great British Colombian Rivers. As we cross through the Canadian Rockies, we will be time to go hiking, biking or rafting and also to visit some of the Native American communities.

Wander around the parks and museums in Anchorage
Visit Kenai Fjords National Park and see the massive Exit Glacier
Explore and hike in Denali National Park
Boat trip and night out in the wilds of the Alaskan Wilderness
Explore Wrangell-St Elias National Park
Travel the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City
Follow the footsteps of gold prospectors in Yukon at Klondike
Visit Whitehorse and Drege No. 4, gold mining rig
Drop by the famous 'sign post' forest
Hope to spot Alaskan grizzlies at Fish Creek, near Hyder

A great road trip through the back roads of the Rockies and Alaska; with some long distances to cover, but plenty of time for outdoor pursuits. This trip is definitely for those who enjoy the great outdoors and camping

Day 1 - Anchorage

Border information: If you are joining in Anchorage, you will most likely enter the USA at Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (IATA code: ANC).

There will be an important group meeting at 18:00 at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this important meeting.

The rest of the day is free to explore Anchorage and its stunning surroundings. Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Anchorage before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Anchorage.

Accommodation: Basic Hotel

Day 2 - Seward
Day 3 - Seward
Day 4 - Denali NP
Day 5 - Denali NP
Day 6 - Denali NP
Day 7 - Denali Highway
Day 8 - Denali Highway
Day 9 - McCarthy
Day 10 - McCarthy
Day 11 - Tok
Day 12 - Dawson City
Day 13 - Dawson City
Day 14 - Whitehorse
Day 15 - Whitehorse
Day 16 - Watson Lake
Day 17 - Stewart
Day 18- Stewart
Day 19 - Francois Lake
Day 20 - Jasper
Day 21 - Jasper
Day 22 - Banff
Day 23 - Banff
Day 24 - Banff - End Date

Ronan C

Both crew were excellent and helped make the trip enjoyable, and were very sociable and hard working.

Molly L

Lou was a perfect introduction to my experience with Dragoman crew. She knew how to handle all the different passengers on Betsy, especially particularly difficult passengers that didn’t make a tour leader’s life very easy. She’d always maintain a professional manner. All the while, she was more of a friend than a tour leader, and seemed to have fun along with the passengers, which was preferred rather than a “No, I’m working” attitude.

John W

The leaders were very helpful and pleasant. I was very happy with their leadership.

Deborah P

Both Lou and Seb worked very hard throughout this leg and the following on what was an extremely fast paced journey with a very diverse set of passengers. I would have no hesitation in going on further trips with either of them as leader or driver.

Natalie B

The National Parks were stunning and the campsites were great. Amazing to have Denali Park included in the kitty

Jennifer N

A brilliant first Dragoman trip!

Emily K

My overall experience with dragoman was fantastic. it was my first camping overlanding trip and I honestly loved everything about it!

George S

Overall a fantastic trip. Stunning scenery, a wide variety of optional activities to chose from

Claire T

It was all pretty awesome, but particularly enjoyed Denali National Park

Hilary Q

I loved it - it's a relaxed but essentially very organised means of travelling to places that are not really possible as a solo traveller.

Jeroen V

Great experience! Not just the destination, but the journey you got with dragoman. Enjoyed all of the trip

Maria H

Amazing trip, wonderfull crew, fantastic group!!!

Irene B

The nature in Alaska was unbelievably beautiful!!!!

Hannah G

Our tour leaders were brilliant. We also had an amazing time at the wild camp in McLaren.