Patagonia & Beyond

Santiago - Buenos Aires

34 days through Chile, Argentina
FROM: $4390 USD
Overland Expedition Vehicle, Local Bus, Ferry, Boat
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Basic Hotel 1 night
Camping 16 nights
Multishare Hostel 11 nights
Wild Camp 3 nights
Comfortable Hotel 2 nights
Breakfasts x 22, Lunches x 19, Dinners x 19
$650 USD per person
Foreign Travel Advice

This trip links up two of the most cosmopolitan cities of South America, Santiago and Buenos Aires and allows us to explore the real wilderness of the two countries of Argentina and Chile - it's all about Patagonia. It's a journey for lovers of the outdoors, with plenty of camping in national parks of outstanding natural beauty, and the chance to trek, climb, bike, and horse ride through some breathtaking scenery. Perhaps the highlight will be the 5 day visit to Torres del Paine National Park, where there will be plenty of time to trek the W Walk; or maybe riding or trekking around the magnificent Los Glaciares National Park around the dramatic peaks of Mount Fitz Roy will be your highlight but there is so much more, with Gauchos, horses, the spectacular Lake District with its twin towns of Bariloche and Pucon or the penguins and right whales of the Peninsula Valdes. All the while we are criss-crossing the frontiers of Chile and Argentina before heading north, away from the windswept wilds and into the Pampas, the hot, dry heartland of Argentina and the great Salsa city of Buenos Aires. We are partnered with the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, who work to enhance the long-term health of Torres del Paine and its surrounding communities.

Explore the cosmopolitan and stylish city of Santiago
Visit the Chilean wine region and famous vineyards
Climb Villarrica Volcano at Pucon in the Chilean Lake District
Overland in the Chilean and Argentinian Lake District
2 night stay at the lakeside town of Bariloche
Wildcamp in the remotest parts of Patagonia
Visit Los Glaciares National Park near El Chalten
Cross the Magellan straight to Tierra del Fuego
Reach the 'end of the world' at Ushuaia
5 night stay in Torres Del Paine National Park

A truly epic road trip and journey through vast wildernesses. For lovers of the outdoors, who are prepared to sacrifice a few home comforts for the challenge and beauty of pristine landscapes. Great wild camping, mixed with hostels and hotels and wonderful opportunities for walking, horseriding, rafting, ice trekking etc.

Whet your palette during wine tasting at a vineyard in San Javier

Visit the stunning Queulat National Park and take a trek through the 'Enchanted Forest' to view the magnificent Hanging Glacier

Enjoy a traditional Chilean BBQ

Guided full day trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier

Head out to the remote corner of Chilean Tierra del Fuego. If time allows, visit the King Penguin colony at Bahia Inutil, the only colony of these type of penguins outside of Antarctica

Day 1 - Santiago
Border information: if you are joining in Santiago, you will most likely enter Chile at Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (IATA code: SCL).

Welcome to Santiago, the cosmopolitan Chilean capital! There will be an important group meeting at 6:00pm at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this meeting.

Accommodation: Basic Hotel

Daily Activities

Optional Activities

Discover all of Santiago's sights on a hop-on/hop-off bus around the city

Tour: 21,000 CLP

Learn more about Santiago and its history on a free walking tour of the centre from a knowledgeable local guide

Tour: Free

Take in the breathtaking vista of the city skyline backdropped by the mighty Andes from the viewpoints at Cerro San Cristobal or Cerro San Lucia

Cable car: 2,500 CLP

Day 2 - Buchupureo
Day 3 - Pucon
Day 4 - Pucon
Day 5 - Bariloche
Day 6 - Bariloche
Day 7 - Futaleufu
Day 8 - Futaleufu
Day 9 - Puyuhuapi
Day 10 - Cerro Castillo NR
Day 11 - Cerro Castillo NR
Day 12 - Rio Pinturas
Day 13 - El Calafate
Day 14 - El Calafate
Day 15 - Tierra Del Fuego
Day 16 - Ushuaia
Day 17 - Ushuaia
Day 18 - Tierra Del Fuego
Day 19 - Torres Del Paine NP
Day 20 - Torres Del Paine NP
Day 21 - Torres Del Paine NP
Day 22 - Torres Del Paine NP
Day 23 - Torres Del Paine NP
Day 24 - El Chalten
Day 25 - El Chalten
Day 26 - El Chalten
Day 27 - Jaramillo Petrified Forest
Day 28 - Camarones
Day 29 - Puerto Madryn
Day 30 - Puerto Madryn
Day 31 - Bahia Blanca
Day 32 - Buenos Aires
Day 33 - Buenos Aires
Day 34 - Buenos Aires - End Date

Laurence R

Best company to travel with - fun atmosphere even when it was freezing..

Aaron B

These guys were amazing!

Robyn D

Alison R

The trip was wonderful. I wish I had known about Dragoman tours when I was younger!

Matthew P

Overall awesome experience. Everything from the initial booking online and the pre-departure information to the leaders, the truck and the assistance and opportunities offered throughout the trip was as good or better than what I had expected.

Cathryn S

Enjoyed most the Perito Moreno glacier, Torres del Paine National Park, Ushuaia, Mt Fitz Roy, Magellan penguins, Villarica Volcano and pucon

Katharine M

Great group of people and fantastic leaders

Simon J

Patagonia the distances are huge and some of the logistics difficult. Dragoman take care of all of this for you which means you have the most complete trip possible and certainly easier than doing it independently. Some of the bush camps were really excellent and in wonderful remote locations. The hostels were good value for money for quality and price

Catherine B

We travelled at a great pace on the way to Ushuaia but the last few days before reaching Buenos Aires were very long drive days and maybe there could be more stops along the way.

Eleanor H

Loved the experience and everything we did on the tour. crew were both great and incredibly helpful !

Grant M

I had a great time on the trip. Our group got along well and I thought our leaders were awesome.

Katie D

It was first rate! The crew were excellent, really looking after the passengers & truck, so we had the best possible trip.

Christopher S

Vehicle was great.

Jennifer G

I enjioyed the hiking, scenery and wildlife Other travellers, flexibility and freedom of the itinerary

Vivien M

Great way to travel for a single woman, always felt safe, secure and valued Never a dull moment. Really important that people read the trip notes carefully

Fraser M

I enjoyed the wonderful scenery and the diversity of the activities available to us as a group.

Eva T

Overlanding seems the way to go in Patagonia! Great adventure.

David K

Enjoyed the destinations such as Ushuaia, El Chalten, Torres del Paine etc.

Victoria D

Saw Patagonia with relative ease and comfort

Laura H

The experience was more than expected. It was fun and exciting!

Ashleigh C

How adventurous it was, we had such a huge range of activities we could try and we crammed a lot of amazing things into a short space of time

Monika B

PATAGONIA was the most awesome area I have ever been to. Was not impressed with the part from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires. Boring landscape.

Danielle C

Loved the people on trip. Two amazing trip leaders were so funny, friendly and thoughtful; they really brought the group together and made it feel like our own kind of family. The activities were amazing and it felt like we fitted so much in, having such a knowledgeable trip leaders who would lay out everything we could do at each destination before we arrived and then sorting it all out for us. It felt like we were always doing something new and exciting but with none of the stress of the organisation.

Neil B

Rob was fantastic and made the trip a wonderful experience.

Anne M

Rob invested 100% of himself into ensuring that everyone had the potential to achieve maximum enjoyment out of the trip.

James L

A very good trip, due mainly to the excellent tour leader Rob.

Maria K

Rob was a brilliant leader.

Judith v

Rob is very enthousiastic, gives many options and is not scared to make a plan B ;)

Susan H

Rob's attention to detail is the best he never stopped thinking of things to improve our travel itinerary.

Geoffrey W

Rob is one of the best leaders I have ever come across in many years of travelling.

Yvonne M

It was the team who made the journey the pleasure it was.

Robyn C

All the local guides were generally excellent.

Daniel E

The tour crew that led through Torres del Paine were well organized and had a good knowledge of the region.

James S

We were blessed with these guys. They made the tour. With out them I could see that there could have been a lot of issues but they handled everything extremely well and they were all amazing people to travel with. I could not speak more highly of the crew on Tortuga!

Katie M

We had 2 or 3 local guides at various points all of whom were friendly & informed.

Julie B

It was much more than what I expected it to be.

Gordon W

I've been on other overland trips as well numerous other extended trips with leaders. Rob was simply the best I've ever encountered. He was funny, informative, organized, and helpful well above and beyond what most other leaders have been. Rob takes great joy in making people's overland experience as exceptional as possible. I've heard the term servant-leader thrown around often in my organization, but Rob too me exemplifies this perspective. Finally, as great as some of my past trip leaders have been, Rob was the first one I've ever contemplated following wherever he goes in the future.

Janet W

Guides. Co-travellers. Level of comfort. Level of activity. All were as expected and critical to enjoyment of a trip.

Dianne M

Our guides in Torres del Paine were excellent

Ben E

All crew were very good!

jonathan m

The crew worked very well as a team.

Lily J

Lovely, helpful and selfless people.

Mariam S

Both crew were so hard working and fantastic and kind - we were so lucky!

Sharon T

Tig was very organized, even colour coded our notes! Always there to answer questions. Rich was also super helpful - a great team! Very kind, funny, make you feel instantly like part of the group. Both very good safe drivers, and good problem solvers! Never grumpy or frustrated with the group. Just really awesome people!

Daniela Barbara B

The two guides we had for the extended W-walk did an excellent job!