Nomads & Wilds of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar - Ulaanbaatar

21 days through Mongolia
FROM: $3365 USD
Overland Expedition Vehicle
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary, Local Crew Member in certain areas
Comfortable Hotel 3 nights
Yurt Camp 9 nights
Camping without facilities 8 nights
Breakfasts x 20, Lunches x 8, Dinners x 15
$260 USD per person
Foreign Travel Advice

A trip through Mongolia is one that is guaranteed to be memorable and eventful; it will be an unforgettable adventure, rather than just a holiday! Mongolia is one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in the world, where nomadic herders still tend to their flocks amongst vast grasslands, Gers remain the accommodation of choice and it's still possible to travel for days without meeting another person. The country is an overlander's paradise, with challenging roads, stunning scenery and a unique and welcoming culture. The Mongolian people, their culture and the landscape is what this journey is so much about. From Ulaanbaatar we will head west through the central region of Mongolia, past Erdene Zuu monastery to the natural beauty of the Orkhon Valley and the Tsenkher hot springs We then make the journey north to the remote and spectacular Khovsgol Lake before heading back towards the capital.

Head out to see Ulaanbaatar's Gandan Monastery and National Museum
Spend a few hours exploring Ulaanbaatar's Mongolian Black Market
Stay in a local nomadic ger encampment at Ogii Lake
Visit ancient Karakoram, capital of the Mongol Empire at Kharkhorin
Wild camp in remote Orkhon Valley
Stay in traditional ger encampments in the 'Paradise of the horse herders'
Discover the nomadic lifestyle of local Mongul families
Hike to the top of Khorgo volcano
Hike around forests and meadows near Khovsgol Lake
3 days overlanding and wild camping across central-northern Mongolia

This is not just a holiday, it's an adventure; it is one of our more unpredictable journeys, where roads are limited, rivers rise and the itinerary changes. Wild camping, with limited washing facilities, Ger home stays and a few hotels may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you have a spirit of adventure and are prepared to go outside a limited comfort zone, this is an amazing trip. No wonder it is so popular.

Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar

Border information: If you are joining in Ulaanbaatar, you will most likely enter Mongolia at Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport (IATA code: ULN).

There will be a group meeting today at 6:00pm - please look out for a note from your tour leader at the hotel reception with more information about this important meeting, but please do not be alarmed if the note is not there as this is often a travel day for the tour leader and they may arrive in the afternoon. If you arrive early, the rest of the day will be free to explore the Mongolian capital!

Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Ulaanbaatar before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Ulaanbaatar.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Day 2 - Ulaanbaatar
Day 3 - Ogii Lake
Day 4 - Kharkhorin
Day 5 - Orkhon Valley
Day 6 - Orkhon Valley
Day 7 - Tsenkher
Day 8 - Tsenkher
Day 9 - Tamir River
Day 10 - Khorgo Volcano
Day 11 - Khorgo Volcano
Day 12 - Moron
Day 13 - Moron
Day 14 - Khovsgol Lake
Day 15 - Khovsgol Lake
Day 16 - Moron
Day 17 - Selenge River
Day 18 - Bulgan
Day 19 - Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Day 20 - Ulaanbaatar
Day 21 - Ulaanbaatar - End Date

Lisa K

I was new to overlanding. I was so happy with the experience and the way Dragoman organizes trips. Really enjoyed the wild camping in the countryside and the new experiences!

Jacob B

I really enjoyed the camping in beautiful suroundings.

Melinda F

Loved the GER accommodations

Garry K

I enjoyed most things about the trip - it pretty lived up to what I wanted and expected to see throughtout.

Vivienne B

Excellent experience, great scenery, excellent group of fellow travellers

William W

The tour leaders were outstanding. Thoroughly professional and fun to be with. Mongolia presents barriers at every turn. Our tour leaders guided us with humour and flair. Close contact with Mongolian people. Especially enjoyed the meal prepared for us at the ger/camp.

Holly-Ann P

I loved the whole trip!! The team leaders were excellent! Couldn't have had a better pair! The group was awesome and so was Mongolia! Such a beautiful country. I really enjoyed it!

Marc R

I had the time of my life (you sure can fit that in the brochure, right? - it´s actually true)

Robert H

The trip leaders were excellent. They solved any problems that occurred with professional aplomb

Sheila B

Fantastic leaders, great truck, good range of ages of group - 18 to 78yrs! and a route which gave so many sites & sights - well worth long days so recommend no change of itinerary of Mongolia Loop.

Sacha W

Amazing as always. I enjoyed travelling with other people from all walks of life. I also enjoyed getting off the beaten track. Lake Khovsgol was a definite highlight but so was the rest of the trip.

Katja P

It was great! I really really liked it all: the truck, the guides, the tents!

Renate H

Super organized, very nice crew,

Karen K

I loved traveling with a bunch of different people to very remote places, camping in the wild and always having our truck Tallulah as a sort of "home" on the road.

Annalise B

Loved staying with the nomadic families.

Christopher R

Really enjoyed the wild camping, volcano hiking and the horse riding.

Dale N

Really enjoyed staying in Gers, the visit to ger with the family. the bush camping, the drives, the fellow travellers and the crew were great. !!

Anna Maria F

Perfectly organized and well equipped

Sally H

Liked getting into the nitty gritty of Mongolia, the wide open plains and my fellow travellers.

Adele C

Enjoyed the activities - horse riding, kayaking, bird watching, swimming

Michael R

Brilliant crew, local guides were fantastic, amazing countryside, time built in between long drive days, and the most amazing group of people to travel with.

Joseph D

The country, Mongolia was amazing. But in direct relation to Dragoman, I just enjoyed exploring places that couldn't be accessed by anyone which the truck allowed us to do. It was a good mix of drive days and longer stays in certain places (which you need after 3 days of driving!!)

Gerardus R

Travelling with the Dragoman truck in a landscape without roads, the ultimate feeling of freedom!

Theresa K

I absolutely loved how off the beaten track we were. Mongolia is a awesome and unspoilt place and I loved camping in the nature

Jodie B

Enjoyed the total package - great combination of outdoors, camping, visiting the local tourist sites and getting a sound of understanding of the amazing Mongolian way of life.

Peter S

Enjoyed being in remote locations with fabulous scenery and meeting REAL indigenous peoples.

Leon S

The trip was similar and different from other overland trips I've had. The local guide came in handy and knowledgeable but also ends up taking away the chance to mix with locals, as they ended up doing all the conversing. The structure and travel experience was great and excellent vehicle and on board facilities and equipment

Dirk v

Guides were very helpful and enthousiastic, great guides through Mongolia.

Ramona Z

Great guys, always happy, always helpful and lots of fun!

Ray H

I was always comfortable in Zara (even in tough terrain) and even with a large group we had plenty of space. I slept well every night and I ate like a king!


Overall we had a brilliant time. The 2 trip leaders (Zoe and Jan) were strong leaders but still very relaxed, which was perfect. We particularly liked the positive approach to environmental issues (plastic bottles, toilet procedure etc.)

Katharine D

Zoe was perfect combo of professionalism, adaptability, good leadership and a great sense of humor, fun

John H

The crew Zoe and Jan were brilliant, nothing was to much bother for them, they really did make the trip enjoyable.

Marta Lucia D

Zoe and Jan were amazing. They were always kind, upbeat and amazing drivers and mechanics. I have hired many people throughout my career and you can not find better people than Zoe and Jan. They are truly excellent.

Urvashi P

Both guides in Mongolia and China were excellent.

Anoopwattie D

Tsogi and Claire were excellent guides.

Vasudha M

Zoe was helpful and a friendly personality. One felt comfortable asking a question. Multi-talented lady! Hands-on repair when the truck needed and played a musical instrument with great keenness.

Niklaus M

Great team.

Karin F

Roof seats are great fun!

Jakob A

A delightful experience, which I like to do again with Dragoman!

Thomas D

Excellent leader.


Very helpful, and very informative guide.

Heather T

Zoe and Jan were wonderful. There constant enthusiasm and support was greatly appreciated! I think it must be very difficult to be in charge of 22 tourists and I think that they did a wonderful job.

Fiona J

We had everything we needed and more. Everything was in good condition and easy to find/use.

Stuart M

Great trip, balancing enough time to enjoy each place with seeing the major sites. Enjoyed getting off the beaten track and seeing the real Mongolia. My travel companions were awesome. We were a complete mix of ages but it worked well. Fantastic memories!

Daniele K

Wonderful tour leaders, super itinerary, one of the greatest trips ever.

Sarah S

Fantastic trip - professionally run, well organised, trip notes comprehensive and gave realistic expectations of trip. Amazing way for us to spend our honeymoon!

Matthew R

Genuinely enjoyed everything about the trip. Truck was great. It seems the years of dragoman experience in overlanding have been used thoughtfully.

Janet I

Believe it or not, the highlight of the trip was getting bogged for 20 hours in an open field. We all worked together as a team to try and get out but when we realised we needed local help, we made the most of the delay and had a great time!

Jacqueline D

Well organised, stunning scenery, great team

James W

Loved the items not on the itinerary. Traditional cooking with a farmer. Crashing a wedding. Locals stopping by the campfire and singing.

Silke W

I was a bit nervous about the bush camping but I loved it. Just being able to camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere is amazing.

Katherine F

I loved traveling on the truck, riding on the roof seats, and getting to camp in such a beautiful country!