Central America Discovery

Antigua - Panama City

28 days through Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
FROM: $3670 USD
US Style School Bus, Flight, Boat
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary
Comfortable Hotel 13 nights
Camping 3 nights
Multishare Hostel 5 nights
Basic Hotel 6 nights
Breakfasts x 5, Lunches x 5, Dinners x 5
$260 USD per person
Foreign Travel Advice

On this four-week trip we'll really take the time to get under the skin of Central America. We'll travel overland through six of the Central American countries, taking in some incredible natural wonders. In Costa Rica we visit Manuel Antonio National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and La Fortuna, where we can take part in many different adventure activities like zip-lining, white-water rafting, and canyoning in the surrounding volcanic landscape.

It also features some real hidden gems, such as a trek through Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador, seeing the mighty Panama Canal, and a visit to Cap Suchitoto in El Salvador. This is a community project which helps to create cultural identity and unity within the community and teaches skills to support self-sufficiency.

On top of that we visit the incredible volcanic island of Ometepe where we might choose to trek to the summit of the Concepción volcano, and to the stunning Caribbean beaches of the island of Roatán, as well as the Mayan ruins of Copan and colonial towns like Leon, Granada and Antigua.

Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Antigua
Trek up Santa Ana volcano in Cerro Verde National Park
Overnight in a community project at Suchitoto
Guided tour of the Mayan ruins of Copan
3 nights on the Caribbean island of Roatan to swim and relax
Farm tour or canyoning in Somoto, Nicaragua
2 nights to get to grips with the politics of Leon
Enjoy the charm of the old colonial architecture in Granada
Explore Masaya National Park and its dramatic volcano crater rim
Overnight and explore Lake Nicaragua's volcanic island of Ometepe

​We'll be travelling on Betsy, a US-style school bus specially kitted out for overlanding and which we use on our tours in Central & North America. We only have a couple of long drive days throughout the four weeks, and we have plenty of time to linger and enjoy each stop along the journey. We'll be staying in a mix of local hostels and guesthouses, dorm rooms, with a little bit of camping. To get the most from this trip you'll want to take part in some of the adventure activities along the way, some of which can be physically demanding.

Visit the spectacular volcanic landscape of Cerro Verde National Park one of El Salvador's gems

Trek up to the summit of Santa Ana El Salvador's highest volcano in the heart of Cerro Verde National Park

Spend the night at the wonderful community centre of Centro Arte Para La Paz in Suchitoto which runs many workshops and projects for the locals in the area

Enjoy a guided tour of the magnificent ancient Mayan ruins of Copán

Take a half day tour of the Somoto Canyon, which includes walking, sightseeing, rock scrambling, wading, floating, swimming, boating, and jumping!

Day 1 - Antigua

Border information: if joining in Antigua, you will most likely enter Guatemala at Guatemala City La Aurora International Airport (IATA code: GUA).

There will be an important group meeting at 18:00 at the joining hotel - please look out at the hotel reception for a note from your leader with more details about this important meeting.

The rest of the day is free to explore the beautiful colonial city and its dramatic surroundings, and to take part in some optional activities. Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Antigua before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Antigua.

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Daily Activities

Optional Activities

Take a trek up to the famous active volcano of Pacaya near Antigua

Day trek: 59 USD

Visit the old Jesuit church of Santo Domingo an iconic building in Antigua and home to six fascinating museums

Visit: 48 GTQ

Visit the Choco Museum of Antigua learning all about the history of the culinary use of cocoa ever since the Mayan period

Entrance: 120 USD

Learn all about the culture and history of Antigua at some of its museums such as the Museum of Ancient Books and the Museum of Colonial Art

Visit: 30 GTQ

Take a tour of the nearby small village community of San Lorenzo and visit its schools and traditional handicrafts (only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

San Lorenzo Tour: 250 GTQ

Visit a traditional coffee plantation in the cool hills surrounding Antigua

Tour: 200 GTQ

Day 2 - Cerro Verde NP
Day 3 - Suchitoto
Day 4 - Suchitoto
Day 5 - Copan
Day 6 - Copan
Day 7 - Roatan
Day 8 - Roatan
Day 9 - Roatan
Day 10 - Lake Yojoa
Day 11 - Somoto
Day 12 - Leon
Day 13 - Leon
Day 14 - Granada
Day 15 - Granada
Day 16 - Isla de Ometepe
Day 17 - Isla de Ometepe
Day 18 - La Fortuna
Day 19 - La Fortuna
Day 20 - Monteverde
Day 21 - Monteverde
Day 22 - Manuel Antonio NP
Day 23 - Manuel Antonio NP
Day 24 - Boquete
Day 25 - Boquete
Day 26 - Camino Real
Day 27 - Panama City
Day 28 - Panama City - End Date

Lara S

The drivers were both just amazing. Very helpful and amazingly calm and patient with the slower participants. They took care of each individual and gave me the feeling I could always go and ask them for help or information or just to hang out. They did everything to make the tedious border crossings go as smoothly as possible. They were really awesome.

Karen S

Enjoyed the diversity of the countries which overlanding enabled us to experience.

Graeme T

There was a good variety of places visited: national parks, beaches, towns and cities, culture and nature

Yvonne S

Have always enjoyed my trips with dragoman. and the crew members have been great.

Jeremy G

Multiple highlights, but Omotepe island and Sotomo canyon in Nicaragua were my favourites.

Stella B

Very profesional, helpful and friendly crew.

Fiona R

Excellent crew, very organised and everything ran smoothly.

Graham C

Both crew were very good people.

Paul L

Really enjoyed the journey and thought the drivers/guides were great.

Wayne K

Both Tony and Zoe were excellent leaders.

Deborah P

Tony is an excellent tour leader- informative, very helpful and calm. Bearing in mind both Tony and Lou plus a number of passengers were extremely ill during this leg, I never had any concerns that I had missed an opportunity or wouldn't get somewhere that we were supposed to go. They both did a fantastic job and I would not hesitate to go on a trip with them again either as leader or driver.

Mary M

Both crew are polite and enthusiastic!

Patrick M

Tony and Zoe were a great team. Always helpful and efficient whilst quietly assertive when necessary.

Martin L

Zoe is a good tour leader and Tony is an awesome guy. Respect!

Peter M

First-class crew!

Sally M

Zoe and Tony made an excellent team.

Margaret L

Both crew were excellent and kind and considerate to people's needs and wishes. Could not have asked for better.

Anna Malin J

Enjoyed every minute of my trip!

Gracil M

Louise became a dear friend. She did as much as she could to get everything. We thank you for all!

Douglas P

Tony was a top chap!