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Alaska Salmon Run Anchorage - Anchorage

Trip Overview

Venture out into the wilds of Alaska with our partners Infinite Adventures, owned by ex-Dragoman crew Natalie and David. Travelling in a converted school bus, you'll overland through the great outdoors getting the full wilderness experience!

This is the full wilderness experience with a 20 day overland adventure taking you from the hustle and bustle of Anchorage to the pristine wilderness that few people ever reach. Enjoy all the highlights of Alaska, like Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks and the Maclaren River Wilderness Camp, the luxury Adventure Camp at Kachemak Bay, Valdez, and the world famous Katmai National Park for bear-viewing around Mt. McKinley.

Enjoy the salmon runs which can start as early as May and run through until September, which assures the opportunity of seeing the bears fishing for these great-tasting fish. There are ample hiking opportunities in Alaska’s National Parks, sea kayaking in Kachemak Bay, wildlife cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park, and a luxurious stay at Across the Bay Tent & Breakfast. Optional activities include ice climbing, glacier walks and glacier kayaking.

$2,750 (USD) + 890 KITTY (USD)
20 days
Overland School Bus, Boats
2 Trained Overland Crew
19 Breakfasts, 18 Lunches, 15 Dinners
$700 USD


  Full Day Kenai Fjords National Park wildlife cruise and calving glacier - Resurrection Bay Tour

  Two-night stay at Adventure Luxury Camp – lodging and all meals including salmon dinner

  Half Day Sea Kayaking at the Adventure Camp

  Denali National Park wildlife buses to Toklat River and Eielsen Visitor Center (2 days)

  Boat and canoe trips Maclaren River

  Hiking Opportunities in Denali NP, Wrangell/St. Elias NP, Seward and Valdez

  Maclaren Lodge/Wilderness Glacier camp


This is an amazing opportunity to really take the time to explore the Alaskan wilderness. There are plenty of activities included in this trip but all at a relaxed pace and a plethora of national parks to explore for their wildlife and to really get out into the wilderness. Perfect for wildlife fans and active people that love the great outdoors. You will be camping the majority of the time.


Day 1 - Anchorage ( 6th Jun 2020 )

Welcome to the largest city of Alaska, most often thought of as the state's capital. Start off your overland journey flying into stunning scenery overlooking the Chugach, Alaskan, Kenai, and Talkeetna mountain ranges. Although Mt. Denali is only visible 20% of the year, there's a chance you could even catch a glimpse. Anchorage is Alaska's most populated area yet it's shared with the likes of bears, moose, and wolves. After your flight into this urban wilderness, make your way to our accommodations for the 6 pm pre-departure meeting followed by a group meal. Take this evening to get to know your fellow travelers and guides.

In Anchorage we stay in a comfortable hostel in downtown.

Day 2-4 - Seward ( 7th Jun 2020 to 9th Jun 2020 )

Located on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula and Resurrection Bay, Seward is known as the "Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park." Seward is about half day drive from Anchorage. In the afternoon you will have some free time to explore the scenic waterfront of Seward.

The following morning we will experience the national park by boat, cruising among the glaciers and wildlife. After hopefully spotting as much wildlife as possible we will be seeing a calving glacier!

A visit to Seward would not be complete without hiking alongside the picturesque Exit Glacier with a probability seeing a few of the local black bear feeding on some berries. The 8.2-mile round trip up to the Harding Icefield is a spectacular yet strenuous day hike. Starting on the valley floor, the trail winds through cottonwood and alder forests, passes though heather filled meadows and ultimately climbs well above tree line to a breath-taking view of the Harding Icefield. The top of the trail is a window to past ice ages - a horizon of ice and snow that stretches as far as the eye can see! If you don’t feel prepared to do the full 8.2-mile roundtrip, there are shorter options with equally breathtaking views available.

In Seward we will camp in a well established campground.

Day 5 - Homer ( 10th Jun 2020 )

Located on the western side of the Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay, Homer is the launching point for our two-night Adventure Camp. But, don't overlook this artist inspired town with its many galleries along the spit. You will have some time to explore the picturesque town and it's fishermen culture. For example, the Salty Dawg Saloon's lighthouse is a great place to sit belly-up to the bar along with posting your dollar bill on the ceiling or wall so that your friend, who will be by later, will have a drink on you. 

On the way to Homer there will be enough time for some scenic photo stops and short walks. Depending on the time of the year we might stop to watch the Salmon Running up Russian River or visit one of the Russian orthodox churches overlooking the volcanoes on the other side of the bay.

Included Activities: Exploring the picturesque town of Homer and its fishermen culture
Optional Activities: "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World", Bear Viewing Katmai or Lake Clark**Following morning**

In Homer we will camp in an established campground.

Day 6-7 - Kasitna Bay Adventure Camp ( 11th Jun 2020 to 12th Jun 2020 )

Take a boat ride from Homer to Kasitsna Bay, landing on this lovely and relatively untouched beach of the peninsula. Camping is done in canvas tents with beds and all the amenities you'll need. There is a beautiful main house where meals, comfortable chairs, coffee and tea are always on tap. From there venture out and comb the beaches for eagles and other aquatic wildlife or walk to find some hidden coves and viewpoints. The next day you'll have a half day of sea kayaking around Kasitsna Bay, frequently visited by sea otters and harbor seals and watched overhead by bald eagles. 

One of the evenings the owner Tony will be serving their famous salmon dinner for us!

Included Activities: Water Taxi from and to Homer (1/2 Hour ride), 2-night stay at the Adventure Camp, canvas tents with beds, luxurious main house, half-day sea kayaking 

Day 8 - Hope ( 13th Jun 2020 )

In the morning we will take the water taxi back to Homer to make our way along the coastline to Hope. Hope is a quaint little town overlooking Cook Inlet/Turnagain Arm and is just a short drive from Anchorage. In the summer during weekends there might be some life concerts going on in the local fishermen bar. (Bushcamp)

Included Activitiy: Open Air Museum, Outdoor Music
Optional Activity:  Gold Panning, Salmon Fishing (when salmon running)

Day 9 - Anchorage ( 14th Jun 2020 )

Today it’s only a short drive around the Turnagain Arm back to Anchorage. Potentially you can see Beluga Whales or Dall Sheep. We will stop at Potter Marsh to spot some of the migratory birds and wildlife that call it home. The afternoon you will have time to explore Anchorage downtown. Anchorage is a lively city that houses almost 50% of the state’s 730,000 people. (Commonly it is mistaken for the capital of Alaska, but that would be Juneau.) Throughout the summer there are multiple festivals, local markets and plenty of nightly live music. Keep in mind that this city is situated right in the heart of the wilderness, where over 1,000 moose, 250 black bears, and 100 grizzly bears also call it home.

Included Activities: Potter Marsh

In Anchorage we will stay in a hostel in the downtown area.
Optional Activity: Anchorage Museum, Heritage Center, Bike Coastal Trail

Day 10-12 - Denali National Park ( 15th Jun 2020 to 17th Jun 2020 )

In the morning we head off to the amazing Denali National Park. Whether it's flora or fauna you came to see, this is the place to fulfill your hopes of seeing large and small wild animals living as they have for ages. We set up our campsite and the following two days you will have the opportunity to take a bus ride through the national park along its only road and hopefully spot bears, moose, caribou, or wolves. For those of you who are looking for a heart pounding and more strenuous adventure, you’ll have the opportunity for trailblazing throughout the park’s 6 million acres. No trip would be complete without adding the optional activity of flying over Denali National Park and around Mt. Denali (20,320 ft/6194 m.) In the evenings we will sit around the campfire, listening to the sounds of the night and share our adventures of the day.

Included Activities: Two-Day National Park Entrance and Shuttle Bus services, Hiking in Denali National Park (short, long, off the beaten track, that's on you to decide!)
Optional Activities: Flights over Mt. Denali

In Denali NP we will camp in an established campground.

Day 13-14 - Maclaren River Lodge ( 18th Jun 2020 to 19th Jun 2020 )

From Denali, we drive the lightly traveled Denali Highway. First opened in 1957, this dirt road was the first to access Denali National Park (then known as Mt. McKinley National Park.) Located in the Maclaren river valley, you traverse through high alpine country on the state’s second highest highway pass. Here lies the Maclaren River Lodge run by Alan and Susie, who are fantastic hosts that will take us on a jet boat ride up to "The Remote Glacier Camp." Now we’re out in the wilderness on our own, no mobile phone reception and no roads. Here we'll stay overnight exploring and camping out in the wilderness. The next day we'll take a canoe trip back down the river for our next night at this beautifully situated lodge. (one night bush camp/one night lodge)

Included Activities: Boat Ride up to Glacier Camp, guided overnight stay at Glacier Camp, canvas tents with cots, canoe trip on Maclaren River

Optional Activity: Hiking

Day 15-17 - Wrangell-St Elias National Park ( 20th Jun 2020 to 22nd Jun 2020 )

Here we’ll visit the largest National Park in the United States and camp at the "End-of-the-Road” campground. Literally at the end of the McCarthy Road, these 60 miles of gravel road were built along the old Copper River and Northwestern railways. Most remnants left of this once thriving area were a part of the copper mines, but most people forget this was where the last great gold rush happened in Alaska. There are many optional activities like hiking, ice climbing, glacier walks, guided mill tours, rafting, and scenic flights around 16,000-foot peaks, 25-mile long glaciers and massive icefalls. So, days 16 and 17 are left for you to decide what to do: Take the optional historical tour, hike on your own in the beautiful surroundings or try some crazy outdoor stuff like ice climbing, guided glacier hikes, or whitewater rafting. (bush camp)

Included Activity: Hiking, Scenic Drive
Optional Activities: Ice Climbing (full day), Root Glacier Hike, Kennecott History Tour, Rafting, Flightseeing

Day 18-19 - Valdez ( 23rd Jun 2020 to 24th Jun 2020 )

Valdez is the terminus of the 800-mile trans-Alaskan pipeline that begins at Prudhoe Bay. Valdez is an important gateway to the interior of Alaska. Valdez was brought to the forefront of national media March 1989. The Exxon Valdez ran aground causing an 11-million gallon oil spill. For many years, flora and fauna were devastated by this environmental catastrophe. Thankfully, order has been mostly restored and the Chugach Mountains set a gorgeous backdrop to this quaint little town. The next day is focused on optional activities. Highly recommended is the Columbia Glacier Sea Kayaking or the Lulu Belle Wildlife Cruise for their beautiful scenery, mammoth icebergs and possibility of spotting all kinds of wildlife.

One of the days we will venture out and see if we can find some bears, eagles or sea lions feeding on salmon. Valdez is well known for bears to come to the local salmon fish hatchery and the surrounding creeks.

Included Activities: Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery Scenic Drive
Optional Activities:  Glacier/Iceberg Sea Kayaking, Glacier Wildlife Cruises, Bike Rental, Fishing (depending on season)

Day 20 - Anchorage ( 25th Jun 2020 )

Unfortunately this is the final day of our adventure. We cross the Thompson Pass with stunning glacial valley views and the Worthington Glacier. Our lunch stop will be at Matanuska Glacier before returning to Anchorage in the late afternoon. (approx. 3 pm)

Please note that no accommodation is included tonight.


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Duration: 20 days
Route: Anchorage - Anchorage
$2,800 USD + $890 Kitty (USD)
Deposit: $700 USD