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India, Bhutan & Nepal

From the steamy backwaters of Kerala in India to the rarefied atmosphere of Kathmandu, on a Dragoman trip you’ll experience the Indian subcontinent in all of its many colours! You might find yourself exploring the jungle in search of tigers in Nepal, drifting along the River Ganges at dawn as the pilgrims come down to the water, discovering the spectacular Mughal buildings in north India or the colourful Hindu temples of the south, meeting tribal people in the rarely-visited Odisha region, or learning all about Buddhism in the high mountains of Bhutan!

We overland through the entire region of India, Nepal, and Bhutan, including the remote areas of Sikkim and Odisha. Travelling around this wonderfully diverse region home to 1.2 billion people, full of a plethora of bewildering languages and customs, will overwhelm your senses and leave you with travel memories that you will never forget!