Mongolia is one of the world's last frontiers of overland travel! The birthplace of the warlord Genghis Khan, it is a true wilderness of nomadic people and stunning scenery, everything from mountains to desolate plains to pine forests to deserts.

Our journey through this wild country will take us through some of the remotest lands on Earth. We will travel though the beautiful lands of the nomadic Mongolians, whether wild camping or staying in the traditional gers (yurts) with our hosts.

Monoglia has an enchanting and unique culture, and we will embrace every aspect of it as we explore this vast wilderness. From the phenomenal traditional 'throat-singing', to the country's interesting cuisine (featuring the acquired taste of fermented horse milk!), to the Buddhist temples, to the traditions of the etiquette of a ger visit, the culture is fascinating and a world away from Western life.

The essence of this route is freedom and flexibility, and nowhere are these philosophies more vital than in Mongolia. One major highlight of Mongolia is this freedom, the fact that our itineraries are very flexible here, and the country is a wild camping paradise wherever we go!

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Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar
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