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an overlander's paradise

From the diversity of scenery - including the world's highest mountains, sprawling deserts, lush jungle and pristine beaches - to the variety of unique grass-roots experiences such as watching monks collecting alms at dawn in Laos, staying with local families in yurts in Kyrgyzstan or visiting rural tribal villages in Odisha in India - Asia offers travellers the complete package!

From the Silk Road to the Road to Mandalay

The Silk Road across Central Asia is where overlanding and adventure travel all started, and Dragoman are proud to have been operating this iconic route in its entire length from start to finish longer than anyone else. You can travel over 7,000 kilometres between the incredible cities of Istanbul and Beijing using centuries-old routes and see the bewildering changes in culture as we explore the less-visited countries of Central Asia using our many years of experience in this region.

But of course there is much more to Asia - and Dragoman has leapt at the chance to explore all the regions of this vast and diverse continent. Our programme in Asia has expanded hugely and we are proud to be offering some incredibly exciting new routes through Georgia, Mongolia and Tajikistan. In addition, the opportunities to link up the various trips now provides travellers with the chance to travel from the outskirts of Europe, across Central Asia, up to Mongolia, down through China and South East Asia or over the Himalayas into Nepal and India.

Something for everyone

Whether you prefer the desolate wilds of Mongolia, the lush Keralan backwaters, the ancient Cambodian ruins of Angkor Wat, the cultural wonderland of Uzbekistan, or the bustling cities of China, Asia truly has something for everyone.

From a fortnight tour of India to a three-month holiday taking in seven or more countries, Dragoman can show you the must-see highlights and hidden gems of this incredible continent and will leave you hungry to return to explore more!

Private Overland Group Charters in Asia

If you like the idea of overlanding but would like to take a large group on a private trip, allowing you to tweak the itinerary and be flexible with dates, then you may wish to charter one of our custom-built trucks and expert crew! Our truck charters are ideal for a group of close families, a bunch of friends or collection of travellers with a common interest such as photography, painting or bird watching.

By choosing Dragoman for a group charter, you can reap the benefits of over 30 years of our unrivalled product knowledge, and have exclusive use of our well-equipped overland trucks - everything you need to create your own epic adventure!