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Tikal is the site of a phenomenal ruined Mayan city, atmospherically located in the dense rainforests of northern Guatemala. Mainly built between the 2nd and 10th Centuries CE, Tikal was one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Mayans - the city-state conquered much of the surrounding area and dominated the economy, politics, military, and culture of the Yucatán peninsular during this time.

Knowledge of the site was never totally lost amongst the native Guatemalans, but Tikal came to the world's attention again when German expeditions were guided there in the 1850s. Tikal is one of the most spectacular and well-understood Mayan ruins due to the amount of artefacts and murals found there - a complete lineage of the dynastic rulers has been constructed from the information discovered there, as well as a detailed history of the complex relationships with rival states such as Teotihuacan, Copán and Caracol.

On a visit there, we are able to explore the old religious centre and even climb up some of the iconic pyramids to get an unrivalled view of the area below!