Overland Truck Tours

Africa is unfathomably vast and varied, home to remarkable people, spectacular scenery and legendary wildlife destinations like the Serengeti and the Okavango Delta. Travel here and you could be watching elephants cross the Chobe River at sunset, tracking gorillas through the forests of Rwanda, or listening to the spine-tingling roar of a lion in the darkness as you sit around the campfire.

Awe Inspiring Africa

Our trips take you to places you’ve only ever dreamed of. This is a continent brimming with natural wonders to explore, from the mighty Victoria Falls, to Mount Kilimanjaro, the dramatic Simien mountains in Ethiopia and Namibia’s unique Skeleton Coast. Whether you’re looking for a week's holiday, or a longer trip, we’ve got Africa covered – and if you’re looking for the ultimate life-changing experience, how about travelling the entire length of the continent from Cape Town to Cairo or heading way off the beaten track on a West Africa tour? Trips don’t come much more spectacular or adventurous than these.

And it’s not just the awe-inspiring views and abundant wildlife that make this such a fascinating destination. Whether you’re tracking game with the San people in Botswana, haggling in the markets of Egypt, chatting to a voodoo priest in Benin or playing football with the locals on the shores of Lake Malawi – it’s the many faces of Africa that make this continent so incredible and rewarding to travel though.

Private Overland Group Charters in Africa

If you like the idea of overlanding but would like to take a large group on a private trip, allowing you to tweak the itinerary and be flexible with dates, then you may wish to charter one of our custom-built trucks and expert crew! Our truck charters are ideal for a group of close families, a bunch of friends or collection of travellers with a common interest such as photography, painting or bird watching.

By choosing Dragoman for a group charter, you can reap the benefits of over 30 years of our unrivalled product knowledge, and have exclusive use of our well-equipped overland trucks - everything you need to create your own epic adventure!