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Travel inspires creativity

Overlanding the World

We all know that travel broadens our horizons, pushes us out of our comfort zone, gives us the opportunity for so many new experiences and helps us make new friends… but did you know that it can even make us more creative?

Studies show that spending time abroad can affect mental change - creativity is related to neuroplasticity, or in simple terms, how the brain is wired up. These wires are affected by our environment, making them sensitive to change. Therefore all the new sights, sounds, smells and sensations we experience when travelling stimulates these wires and can revitalise the mind, sparking creativity.

Over the years we’ve had many passengers write to us to tell us to share their photography, art work or even the new book they’ve just written!


Colin Littlewood from New Zealand recently wrote to us to share some songs that are being released in NZ as part of an album. He wrote the lyrics whilst travelling on a Dragoman truck in South America. Colin says “I daily relive the experiences I had on the two South American Dragoman adventures I have been fortunate enough to experience over the past few years. They really impacted my life.”

Listen to Colin’s songs below (click here for his full Soundcloud page):

Say Goodbye to South America

Free in Patagonia


Our crew travel huge distances over several continents so it’s no surprise that even they get bitten by the creativity bug - one example is ex-crew member Sam Smith, who spent over 4 years on the road with Dragoman after previously working as a musician in the UK. Without the opportunity to play regularly whilst leading our trips across the world, Sam found a perfect outlet for his creativity by producing ambient electronic music on his laptop during his rare moments of free time! Sam says that "while travelling, I find endless inspiration for creating new soundscapes from my reflections of the atmosphere in each new place, the variety of landscapes, and indeed the nostalgia of thinking about home from far away".

Listen to some of Sam’s work below (click here for his full Soundcloud page):

As The Sun Pierces The Morning Sky

I Have Been Found

Returning Home



Perhaps one of the most popular forms of creative expression while travelling is photography. Whether taking the occasional shot of travel icons or a more in-depth photographic account of the trip almost everyone carries a camera when they go away. We've had countless passengers and crew over the years who have built online portfolios, and our own resident travel photographer Mike Marlowe has a number of galleries. Also check out crew member Tom Pilgrim's flickr feed, which has a great selection, and our in-house Designer Nathan Smith also has a selection of shots worth checking out.


Another Dragoman crew member whose existing talents were influenced by their travels with us is artist Ross Holden. After 4 years on the road Ross moved back to the UK and continued his work as an artist, creating a new batch of work in which he draws inspiration from the many places he visited and the people he met on the road. His work is described as a collection of “Photographs and memories [that] combine to produce a pool of material from which this new series has emerged. It reflects on cultures and attitudes encountered as well as on the personal journey of discovery that travel induces.”

Ross says his collections were inspired by different regions - ‘Dynamic Parallax’ (Polka Dot Umbrella) is composed of pictures taken in South America, ‘Static’ from Central Asia and ‘Collected Graphics’ from multiple destinations. See Ross Holden’s incredible art work here -


Ross Holden - a self portrait!


Claire Sturzaker from Manchester, England became a serious blogger after packing up her life in the UK and moving overseas. She has written blogs of her backpacking travels in South America, some of which were on a Dragoman truck.

Here is a blog post from the Dragoman trip, La Paz to Cuzco:


Hopefully by now you’ve seen the amazing short films on our website and YouTube channel? Argentinean Nico Bori and his wife Judith gave up their careers at a major search engine and took an epic trip across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo. Nico made a short film of their adventures and has since become a prize winning short film maker. Luckily for us, Nico has travelled on and documented several more Dragoman trips such as La Paz to Buenos Aires and the Silk Route. Nico is currently on a trip in ……. watch this space!

See Nico’s collection of films, Overlanding the World:


Your creativity can manifest itself in many ways and doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge new project. For example, how many of us write a travel journal that we would never normally write at home? We take photographs and make albums, collect souvenirs, wall hangings or sculptures, we use our creative brain to pick out items that we want to display in our home, much like an exhibition of our travels.