Projeto TAMAR - Brazil

Projeto TAMAR - Brazil

Projeto TAMAR is a turtle research centre whose mission is to promote the recovery of sea turtles by developing research, conservation and social inclusion actions.

The Tamar - Patrocínio Petrobras Project works to research, protect and manage the five species of sea turtles that occur in Brazil, all of which are threatened with extinction.

Every year, between September and March, these animals arrive to spawn in Praia do Forte and in other points of the Brazilian coast. More than 50% of the nests protected by Tamar in Brazil occur in Bahia beaches. The northern coast of Bahia is the main remaining spawning area of the loggerhead turtle and the South Atlantic turtle. Also spawning of the olive turtle and, to a lesser extent, the green turtle.

The Visitor Center (CV), around the Garcia D'Ávila Lighthouse, was created in 1982 and shows what Tamar does to protect sea turtles through environmental awareness and education. The CV and the store are structures of local generation of employment, income and raise funds for the conservation actions of the Project.

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