Meserani Snake Park - Tanzania

Meserani Snake Park - Tanzania

The Meserani Snake Park was established in 1993 near Arusha, Tanzania. The founders, Wade Bale and Deon Naude, bought ten acres of land in Meserani, which at the time was barren; since then they have breathed life into the area, and today the park thrives with hundreds of trees, plants and various fauna.

The park offers a number of activities to visitors, including guided tours of the Maasai Cultural Museum led by a real Maasai warrior, as well as guided tours of the Snake Part itself and learning about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. There is also a fully-equipped campsite and barbecue area and a well-equipped bar.

The Meserani Snake Park supports the local community in many ways.  It provides a free medical clinic serving more than 1000 patients each month, and is home to four orphans whose parents died of HIV. It is also involved in various other projects around the community, such as building new classrooms at a local school and overseeing the running of an adult education centre. The Snake Park provides employment for around 50 local people.

After winning Wanderlust World Guide of the Year 2018, Dragoman guide Julie Gabbott allocated half her prize fund - £2,500 – to the Meserani Snake Park to support them in their work.