Fazenda San Francisco - Brazil

Fazenda San Francisco - Brazil

Conservation Projects at Fazenda San Francisco

These include several research projects on flora and fauna, such as Ecology of the Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and Study of density and economic viability of the Carandá palm (Copernicia alba).

A few years ago the San Francisco Farm received the title of Conservationist Breeder, CRAS - Wild Animals Rehabilitation Centre, supporting the rehabilitation and re-introduction of wild animals that were rescued from illegal trade.

In addition to these, there are long-term monitoring programmes such as the Blue Arara Project and the True Parrot Project which have been carried out since 1996 and 2001 respectively.

Since 2003, Fazenda San Francisco is the headquarters of the Gadonça Project, which studies the predation of cattle by the jaguar (Pantera onca) and Onça-parda (Puma concolor).

A survey was also carried out for Avifauna Survey, which aimed to find out which species inhabit and visit the Farm and what are the relationships of these species with the food resources available at the Farm.

The Fazenda supported the Herpetofauna Project , carried out by UFMS researchers who surveyed the species of this class of animals and carried out studies, being 2 masters and 1 doctorate, helping in the conservation of the Pantanal.

In addition to research on fauna and flora, we have an Environmental Education Programme through lectures on the Pantanal and some projects such as the Projeto Gadonça and the True Papagaio Project, which are given by the researchers themselves to the visitors.

The materials used for the classes were elaborated by a multidisciplinary team of biologists and turismologists from Fazenda.

All these studies are extremely specialised and the publication of these masters or doctorates are providing important information about the biology and ecology of the mentioned species that can serve as strategies for future plans of management and conservation, especially the animals.