Cap Suchitoto - El Salvador

Cap Suchitoto - El Salvador

Cap Suchitoto is a centre run by Sister Peggy, a Catholic nun who was sent to El Salvador to provide aid during the civil war. She is an inspiring lady and now educates and help the young people in Suchitoto using music and the arts in the grounds of the Santa Imelda School and Convent. The Dominican nunnery was originally built in 1917 but had to be renovated in 2005 after it was abandoned for 25 years during the violent civil war.

Their programmes contribute to the culture of peace by creating cultural identity and unity within the community, teaching skills to support self-sufficiency and critical thinking, promoting environmental awareness, teaching gender equality, exploring spiritualities as well as building bridges between cultures.

Their projects include workshops (such as art, culture of peace, and community development), seminars, a museum and gallery, a library, a theatre, gardens, meeting areas, and the hostel/guesthouse. There is an evolving list of activities at the centre for local Salvadorans. These include weekly classes in art, a variety of instruments, dance, and English.

The centre has dorm rooms (2 people per room) and apartments, and can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner at cost.

Dragoman are the first tourists that have ever stayed here, and it's a link we want to continue to develop. Sister Peggy has many ideas and plans to expand and grow the centre but without any government help she is reliant on donations and voluntary workers. An incredible place and one in which several passengers and crew have said they felt their support was doing so much to help.