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At Dragoman, we believe strongly that we should try to give something back to the communities in the countries we travel through. We are involved in a wide range of community-based tourism projects around the world, and we're really proud of what they manage to achieve in what are often challenging circumstances. There is always more that can be done, but through our involvement in these projects, we try to ensure that local people directly benefit from our group's visits.

To find out more about Dragoman Responsible Tourism projects in Africa, Asia and South America, please use the menu below.


Awassa Children's Project: Ethiopia

The Awassa Children's Project promotes sensible, culturally responsible relief work aimed at assisting children primarily orphaned by AIDS, educating people in Africa's Sub-Saharan region about AIDS prevention, and offering a proactive and immediate approach towards the resolution of serious health and social issues facing the region.

The Awassa Children’s Project is Ethiopia’s longest running foreign charity. They also have unpaid volunteers and paid local help (doctors etc.) they rely entirely on donations and do not receive any help from the government.

They help children from the ages of 1 or 2 up until 21. Some live inside the centre, some live with adoption families in town and other older kids live by themselves. The charity's aim is to promote culturally responsible relief work and care for vunerable kids, primarily those orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They not only strive to provide education, food, accommodation and care, they also help with vocational training and helping people get into schools/university. It is their hope to set up more centres all over East Africa.

We visit the Awassa Children's Project on our trips through southern Ethiopia between Addis Ababa and Nairobi (or vice versa), where we see the work we do, see some of the kids that work there (outside of school time) and make a donation.

Please see here for details of our trips between Addis Ababa and Nairobi.