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At Dragoman, we believe strongly that we should try to give something back to the communities in the countries we travel through. We are involved in a wide range of community-based tourism projects around the world, and we're really proud of what they manage to achieve in what are often challenging circumstances. There is always more that can be done, but through our involvement in these projects, we try to ensure that local people directly benefit from our group's visits.

To find out more about Dragoman Responsible Tourism projects in Africa, Asia and South America, please use the menu below.


Sambhali Trust: India

The Sambhali Trust is an organisation near Jodhpur that provides underprivileged Rajasthani women and girls (and now also some boys) with educational, vocational, and social skills to help them to become confident and financially independent.

Even though the destructive 'caste'-system is officially abolished in India, it is still a huge issue in the region. They specifically work with 'Dalit' women and girls, who usually have little or no access to education or basic health services. They do not even have the right to choose their husband and manage that relationship. In addition to helping break the cycle of poverty and financial dependence on family members, the Sambhali Trust gives these women a voice and a support network to nurture their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

The Trust also does everything to get the girls into schools and pay for their education. There is also a sewing school, where the Trust helps the women to establish their own small tailoring shops in their own villages.

We visit the Sambhali Trust to see all the work they do on our trips between Delhi and Mumbai, and provide a donation on our visit.

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