Our Travel Family

Whilst Dragoman focuses on operating incredible overlanding expeditions, we also offer small group adventures and bespoke tailor made adventures through our sister company, Imaginative Traveller.

Imaginative Traveller has over 30 years experience in creating, operating and selling a more imaginative form of adventures. Our tours are carefully chosen to be exciting, memorable, imaginative and most of all, fun! Our experience and first hand knowledge of destinations allow us to bring together a truly comprehensive range of itineraries sourced from partner adventure companies around the world. We can also offer combinations of trips so you could even consider travelling from Alaska through the USA, Central America and South America with Dragoman and pick up an Imaginative Traveller trip from Ushaia to Antarctica.

Experience the world with other like-minded travellers as you get under-the-skin of a destination Choose from twelve unique travel themes, including Cycling, Food, Family tours, Discovery and Expedition.


Imaginative Traveller also has a bespoke tailor made division with a huge expertise that has been developed over many years.  If you love adventure travel and would like a personalised itinerary for yourself, family or a small group, why not use our expertise to arrange your very own imaginative adventure? Based in the heart of Suffolk we are passionate about creating unique and innovative itineraries to the type of destinations that really excite the adventure traveller.

Our specialists have been creating memorable holidays for over 30 years, and have experienced adventure travel from all angles – travelling, leading tours and designing them. Our expertise stretches from well loved favourites such as India, Morocco and Thailand to more off the beaten track places like Georgia, Ethiopia and Central Asia. Get in touch through this form and we'd be delighted to help you plan your trip!