José Cantón

José Cantón

José joins the Dragoman team after living in the French Alps for three years. He's Spanish but was born and lived most of his life in Holland.

- What did you do for a living before becoming crew?

For the past 3 years I have been doing summer and winter seasons in Morzine (France) as a transfer driver and in the interseasons I worked in Holland as a lorry driver in retail delivery service and on the side I also worked in a big theatre / congress centre (Mainly as an Usher, but I also did all kind of other things there). Before that I was a chauffeur.

- Why did you become Dragoman crew?

It was time for a new chalenge. I love driving around in any kind of vehicle and see new places. Dragoman sounds like a great challange with many possiblities to expand my knowledge and develop new personal skills.

- What's your favourite destination?

Planet Earth? :P The world is a huge place, I haven't seen all of it yet so at this point I can't really awnser this question.  

- What has been your favourite or most memorable occasion on the road?

Trying to make a selfie of a group of cows that were walking around on the mountain, and when the cows had past along, the big mean bull also came to have a look, and I had to shelter behind the electric fence becouse he wasn't very amused of me taking the selfi with his beloved cows.

- What's the most essential item in your backpack?

Among all my gadgets I think I would have to choose for a external battery pack to charge my gadgets on the road. 

- What is your one piece of advice to future overlanders/passengers?

The fewer expectations you have, the fewer disappointments you'll encounter. Have an open mind and understanding for new things, and most important respect each other. Also a happy face and a smile opens many doors without speaking any language.