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Adventurous Christmas Day Alternatives

What will you be doing three months from today? Digesting turkey? Locating batteries? Drinking too much? For those wanting a truly alternative Christmas Day, we've cherry picked a few trips which will see you doing something MUCH more adventurous come 25th December.

Where in the world? El Imposible National Park, El Salvador

What you'll be doing on Christmas Day: Camping in the heart of El Imposible National Park, you'll be waking up to the sound of the forest before exploring this incredible park where you may be able to spot pumas, tigrillos or black crested eagles.

How? Antigua to Panama City, 29 days from £1145 per person, kitty of US$730 departing 1st December.

Where in the world? Nazca Lines, Peru

What you'll be doing on Christmas Day? The morning is spent driving through spectacular if peculiar scenery before reaching Nazca, where you'll have the chance of a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines before relaxing by the pool. Treat yourself. It's Christmas!

How? 17 days between Cuzco and Lima departing 13th December from £665 per person, kitty of US$930.

Where in the world? Burma

What you'll be doing on Christmas Day: Get more bang for your buck this Christmas with two distinctly different cultural experiences in the same day. You'll spend the morning in China and the afternoon in the go-to destination of the moment, Burma.

How? Kunming and Bangkok via Burma, 29 days departing 19th December. £1428 per person (was £1680) kitty of US$910.

Where in the world? Jinja, Uganda

What you'll be doing on Christmas Day: THE adventure capital of Uganda, our campsite at Jinja is perched on a cliff top from where you can view the raging waters of the White Nile below. Ditch the post-Christmas dinner board game and why not opt for some white water rafting?

How? Nairobi Gorilla Loop , 21 days from £970 per person, US$1560, departing 22nd December .

Where in the world? The Bolivian Altiplano

What you'll be doing on Christmas Day: As the second highest (after Tibet) plateau in the world, traversing this almost inhospitable but truly spectacular landscape is almost impossible to access independently. Dragoman's 4WD vehicles make the perfect viewing platform from which to gaze at the scenery and, at 3,750 metres, catch your breath.

How? La Paz to Santiago , 21 days departing 19th December. The trip costs £760 per person, kitty of US$650.

Where in the world? Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia.

What you'll be doing on Christmas day: Trekking through this impressive national park, where huge volcanic cores jut up from the plateau to high altitudes, you might spot klipspringer, Walia ibex, the gelada baboon or even the endangered Simien fox. Sure beats the telly.

How? Gondar to Addis Ababa, 21 days from £935 US$370. Departing 21st December.

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