On the road with Mike

Mike has been on the road with Dragoman since mid-2016, we caught up with him to ask a few probings questions about life on the road with Dragoman...



Why did you become Dragoman crew?

Because I love overlanding and life's too short for all work and no play! 

What’s your favourite destination and why?

Torres del Paine Chille for the worlds most amazing scenery and treks, anywhere in India as the culture is crazy different, east and South Africa the birth place of overlanding for the wildlife and worlds best skies!



What’s the best thing about working as Dragoman crew?

Travelling the world making new friends  and helping like minded adventurers have an awesome trip!

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever eaten or drunk?

Perhaps a full taster menu at Gustu in La Paz, Bolivia, sister to the second best restaurant IN THE WORLD! Yes Bolivia!!

Funniest/best Dragoman moment?

Getting the truck stuck in powder sand whilst trying to drive around a road block! BIG FAIL! 

What’s the one must-have item in your backpack?

It's still wet wipes!



Best piece of advice you can pass on to future passengers?

Book early; do the right trips, chill out, enjoy, be flexible and cook something different! 

What's the one luxury item you take with you?

Phillips sonicare electric toothbrush; 20 days on a full charge! Awesome ?

Where are you travelling to next?

West Africa!! Whoop whoop!!


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