Polar, Patagonia & Beyond Package Offer

Polar, Patagonia & Beyond Package Offer

Combine Polar with a South America Overland.

Dragoman have teamed up with our sister brand Imaginative Traveller to offer some special discounts on Dragoman South America Overlands when they are linked to one of the Ocean Endeavour Antarctic expedition cruises that Imaginative Traveller offer. The idea is that while you are out travelling in South America, you can take advantage of this offer and add on a trip to the seventh continent, Antarctica, onboard the amazing Ocean Endeavour expedition vessel which is operated by Intrepid Travel


We are offering 10% off the Dragoman trip (which now includes the old kitty as well), and up to 25% off the Ocean Endeavour Polar Cruise.

We can offer this deal for any South America trip starting or finishing in October through to February for both the 21/22 season and the 22/23 season.

Because of logistics there may be a few days between the start or end of the tour and the polar trip, but we can help fill these with city breaks, trekking packages or similar, all offered by Imaginative Traveller.

We will be releasing full details of offer in February / March and will be doing a Zoom Information evening to co-incide with the launch, so please keep at eye out for the newsletter or check our social media.

In the meantime, read on to learn more about the Ocean Endeavour and the trips that we are able to offer these amazing deals on.

The Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour

The Ocean Endeavour is the only polar expedition ship in Antarctica that is focused on health and wellness – it also has, on our new voyages starting in 2020, one crew member for every eight travellers. This outstanding crew-to-passenger ratio means a greater personal touch and more time with onboard experts. With contemporary interiors, lounges for learning and reflection, Zodiacs for remote exploration, a wide range of cabin types, a surplus of space and breathtaking 360° views from the flydeck, the Ocean Endeavour is the Antarctic expedition vessel to be on.

For full details on this amazing boat, follow this link, Imaginative Traveller Ocean Endeavour.

The Polar Trips Linking to South America Overlands

Here are some links to the Polar Trips that we can link into our South America Overlands and which we will be offering these very special deals on

IGQCWF            WWF Journey to the Circle and Giants of Antarctica

IGQMAC            Christmas in Antarctica

IGQMAW           Uncharted Antarctica: East and West Peninsula

IGQMBP            Best of Antarctica from Punta Arenas

IGQMCN            Journey to the Antarctic Circle for Christmas & New Years

IGQMDE            Best of Antarctica

IGQMDP            Best of Antarctica from Punta Arenas

IGQMEA            Antarctic Eclipse

IGQMJC             Journey to the Antarctic Circle

IGQMSG            Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Odyssey

IGQMWJ            Antarctic Whale Journey

IGQMWS            Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Explorer