Dragoman 2021 and beyond

In 1981, Dragoman was formed, and we ran our first trip through the Middle East and North Africa. 40 years on, Dragoman has a fleet of 27 trucks around the world, however they have now stood still for over 15 months and there is still no clarity in when long haul global travel will be able to resume.

As an organisation, we were lucky to come into this in very good shape, but in order to ensure that we can get going again once the world is ready for our style of travel to restart, we have decided to take action now.

The management team at Dragoman will over the next few months be putting the organisation into full dormancy until we can see clear and permanent signs of being able to run trips again.  This means that we will be suspending our operations and closing our HQ down for the time being. We will therefore be refunding all clients booked on future Dragoman trips and we will no longer be taking any new bookings on Dragoman trips.

If you have a future booking with Dragoman we, or your agent, will be getting in touch with you as soon as possible.  Please wait until we contact you, as we will ask you to complete a form for all your refund details.  We are short staffed at the moment but we will work through the refunds as fast as we can. Please do not try to claim through your credit card, as this will take a great deal of time and effort on your behalf and we will be unable to refund you ourselves.

Please know that this is not the end; we are pausing everything now to make sure that Dragoman will live on in the future. We are hugely proud of what we have achieved over the last 40 years, carrying 77,000 travellers around the world on our trips – and when the time is right, we will insert the key, turn over the engine and get the wheels rolling again.

To all of you, our travellers, our crew, our staff, our agency partners and our overseas suppliers, a massive thank you for your passion, loyalty and support – we are who we are because of you.

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