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1. What type of driving licence do I need?
We require all new crew to hold a Category D (PCV) bus licence.  However if you already hold a UK/EU LGV truck licence we will not require you to obtain the PCV also. If you are a non UK/EU licence holder you must have already obtained the licence prior to application and have held this licence for at least 2 years. We would also require you to provide us with driving references to show at least 2 years driving experience under the equivalent licence (PCV UK cat D or LGV, UK class C).

2. Does Dragoman cover the cost of obtaining the driving licence?
No – if you do not already hold a truck or bus licence (see question 1) then you are required to obtain it at your own expense.

3. How much does obtaining a licence cost?
It varies but is typically in the region of £1000-1500

4. I do not have a driving licence; can I work for you without one just as a Tour Guide/Courier?
No – we employ all our overseas crew as Drivers. This is why it is a requirement that all our crew must have a valid truck or bus licence (see question 1).

5. When is the deadline for applications?
Generally we do not set a deadline for applications, as we tend to operate our recruitment programme year-round. The only exception to this is when we occasionally close recruitment for a couple of months if we have a back-log of applications to deal with. Please check the website to see if we are accepting new applications at the present time.

6. When will the interview be?
Once we have received your completed application form our crew recruitment and operations team will assess it. If we consider you to be a suitable applicant, we will contact you by email to arrange a time for you to come and meet us for an initial interview here at our head office in Suffolk, UK. Interviews generally take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays in the afternoon.

7. What is the “one-week trial”?
If you are successful at the initial interview stage, we will invite you back to Dragoman HQ in Suffolk to participate in a one-week trial. During the week you live and work alongside experienced Dragoman crew and other trainees. The trial gives you the opportunity to learn more about working for Dragoman and life on the road – and it also gives us a chance to assess your enthusiasm and suitability for the job. You will have a chance to find out more about exactly what the one week trial entails during you initial interview.

8. What are the working hours of the one week trial?

 The one week trial starts at 9am on the Monday and finishes at approx. 5.30pm on the Friday.  It is possible to arrive on the Sunday before the trial starts and stay at the barns but you will need to let us know that you will be doing this.  It is also possible to stay on the Friday night after the trial also.

9. How long does the training take and what does it involve?
Having participated in a one-week trial, we will assess whether we think you are a suitable candidate for the position. If you are successful, we will offer you a position as a Trainee Tour Leader / Driver. At this point you will need to go away and obtain your driving licence, first aid certificate etc if you have not already done so.
Once this is all in order you will be ready to start as a Trainee Leader / Driver.  Your training will begin with our 10 week training course here in the UK. On successful completion of the 8-10-week training course you will be ready to go out on the road to commence your first contract. Typically you will spend at least the first 4-6 months overseas as a trainee under the guidance of an experienced Leader.

*Please note that we cannot accept anyone on to the training programme that does not hold a PCV licence (or equivalent) on the agreed start date of any given training programme. 


10. Can I start the 8-10-week training directly after the one-week trial?

Sometimes this may be possible – but only if you have already obtained your driving licence and we are happy for you to continue after the one-week trial - Please remember that an offer of a place on the one-week trial is not a guarantee that you will be successful at getting to through to the training!

11. I don’t live in the UK, can you conduct initial interviews over the telephone?
Yes, in exceptional circumstances we may consider conducting an initial interview via telephone or internet (e.g. Skype) but please note that you will still be expected to travel to the UK for your one-week trial and this will be at your own cost.

12. Do I need to speak another language?
It is always advantageous if you are able to speak other languages in addition to English and this will be looked upon favourably. 

13. Would I get paid for participating in the one-week trial?
No, during the one-week trial you are provided with free accommodation and a hot meal at lunchtime every day – so you will only need to bring a small amount of additional cash with you for other groceries and maybe a few drinks in the evening.

14. What would I get paid as a trainee?
Whilst in the UK on the 10 week training programme accommodation is provided and a living allowance is paid. You should be aware that there is also a lot of voluntary over-time involved whilst training in the UK – good preparation for when you are working 24/7 as a Leader out on the road!
Once you go out on the road as a Trainee Leader / Driver you will receive a living allowance and food allowance and all your accommodation will be covered.

15. What is the salary for Leader & Co-Drivers?
We pay our crew based on a sliding scale depending on their experience. Crew who have completed their training are paid on-road living/food allowances and have their accommodation costs covered, and in addition to this they are also paid a daily wage. You will also be entitled to passenger feedback and performance related bonuses.
Full details of salaries and allowances are discussed as part of the initial interview – but you should be aware that this is very much a lifestyle job - you will not get rich being an overland tour leader!  This is something you would have to take into consideration if you have any exiting financial commitments at home.

16. Do you have a maximum age limit for applicants?
No, however please note our current leaders on the road are typically between 25 and 40 years of age.

17. Can I choose which area / continent I work in?
No – for your first contract we require you to be completely flexible about your destination, you could be sent to South America, Africa or Asia – and generally you will stay in this continent for the duration of your first 15-month contract.

18. Will I be covered for Medical and personal effects whilst overseas?
Whilst working as a tour leader for Dragoman you will be covered under Dragomans company Medical insurance policy however it will be your own responsibility to cover your personal effects.