Health & vaccinations

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Do I need to get vaccinations and what about malaria?

Recommended vaccinations and other health protection measures vary according to region and recent bulletins issued by health authorities.

It’s essential to get the latest advice on the region(s) you’re planning to travel in, and that you check with either your doctor or a travel clinic in good time before you leave.

As a tour operator we’re unable to give medical advice so refer you instead to either the World Health Organisation or National Travel Health Network & Centre for further details, or to contact a professional medical travel clinic.

10% off vaccinations at Nomad

We’ve been working with Nomad Travel in the UK for years, and Dragoman customers are entitled to 10% off all Nomad vaccinations at any Nomad Travel Clinic as well as 15% off kit and equipment purchased at Nomad online or instore. Their website also has comprehensive, up to date vaccination and health information.

What first aid equipment and help is there?

All of our trucks are equipped with a first aid kit which is stocked with everything you’re likely to need on the road. Our crew have all completed a first aid course and are able to help when necessary.

We recommend that you bring your own first aid kit and use the group kit if you’re short of something. If you do need to use something from the group kit we do ask for it to be replaced.  You’re also reminded to bring any personal medication you require for the whole duration of the trip plus a copy of any prescriptions.