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Why buy flights from us?

We’re your one-stop travel specialist, offering you security and financial protection, with in-house flight experts sourcing you the best flights and saving you time as well as money.

Reasons to book flights with us:

  • Security and financial protection: in the event of civil unrest, weather, volcanic ash, etc, by buying your flight in conjunction with your trip, your holiday is protected as an ‘all-inclusive adventure package’ (licensed ATOL 4157). Domestic flights booked in conjunction with your international flights are also protected should delays and missed connections occur.
  • Value: in-house flight experts research competitive flight prices daily, we have access to special industry offers and often more flexible fares – and we also directly negotiate rates with a range of airlines.
  • Knowledge: we have first hand familiarity of the destinations we go to (some pretty obscure!), so know the best places to seek the airports, airlines, routes and times to suit you.
  • Convenience: let us do the groundwork to find you the most direct option with a reputable airline who offers the best timings…and be the link between your tour and your flights should any difficulties, schedule changes, re-routing or cancellations arise.

Contact the Sales team for further information or a quote.

Telephone +44(0)1728 861133    Email

Please note: If you choose to book flights independently, please bear in mind that by its very nature adventure travel on occasions needs to be flexible. Should we have to change the itinerary or cancel your trip you may need to change or cancel your flights, so we strongly recommend you check the charges for doing so in advance – we regret we can’t accept liability for your connecting travel arrangements in the event of changes to or cancellation of your trip. Another reason we recommend you book flights through us!